There’s no shortage of amazing places to eat and drink in Bali, and everyone has a favourite bar or restaurant in Bali, to give our own lowdown on the best places to eat, drink, and 'must do' experiences,…


With so much happening in Bali and so many new venues popping up every week, the island is now saturated with some of the world's most trend-setting restaurants. Keeping up to date with all of the new and amazing venues is hard work so we decided to create a comprehensive list of the best Bali Restaurants for you!

Best Restaurants in Bali


Amazing things to do and see in Bali.



The idea of exploring Bali typically conjures up images of snorkelling, shopping, and visiting the many remarkable temples. If you are one of those adventurous travellers, seeking the unusual and hidden things to do in Bali, read on! In reality, there exists a wide array of unconventional experiences to be had and we are going to expose them here. In their variety and eccentricity, these activities are just about as colourful as Bali itself in its spread of flowers, endless offerings, and diversely patterned sarongs. Experience Bali in ways you might never have imagined and be prepared to be amazed, transformed, inspired, and in some cases, maybe even a little scared! List created by our partners at!

Things to do in Bali, you would never have imagined were possible!


Bali is quickly becoming one of the most iconic and inspirational hubs for fashion and here are some of our favourite Retail Stores in Bali!

Some of the Best Retail Stores in Bali


A list of some of the places in Bali that look interesting or cool that I think everyone should visit.

Venues that need to be on your MUST SEE list.


A small collection of the cooler spots to hang out, enjoy the beaches and drink a cocktail or bintang.

BEST Beach Clubs

We browsed through our site and found some lesser known villas that look amazing and are ridiculously good value for money. With so many options now in Bali, here are a few you definitely need to check out before you book your accom!

150 hidden gems you need to know about before you book!


Some of the best cafes in Bali with delicious, healthy meals and great coffee... regularly updated it showcases some of the best cafes on the Island of the Gods.



It's all about where to go and what to do when in Bali... here are some Must Do things!

Must do things in Bali!


Not everyone has been to Bali so we thought we would share places to go or see for first timers!



A list of some of the hottest places for 2016, includes new venues, the most popular places and some underground locations not many people know about!

Bali's Most Popular Places for 2016!


Bali has luxurious water villas, cliffside resorts or unique accommodations but some of these are way too unaffordable… How about going to Bali on a budget and still getting the benefits? It doesn’t mean having a boring cookie-cutter overnight experience in a cramped space, at least not in Bali… Here are some places you won’t believe are under $60 / night.

Great value Bali hotels & Villas under $70/night


Bali is heaven for a sundowner and even better for a sunset. Here are some of our favourite sunset spots!

The BEST Sunset Locations in all of Bali


There are heaps of great places in Bali, and here are some of the best!

MOST POPULAR Places in Bali Right NOW!


Ever had to leave the table halfway through a delicious meal to carry a screaming child outside? Perhaps the Kids are running around causing mischief? Don't let that scare you off, here are some of the best family friendly restaurants in Bali!

The Most Family Friendly Restaurants in Bali


A comprehensive list of our favourite beachfront resorts in Seminyak!

Best Beachfront Resorts in Seminyak


Seminyak has an enormous amount of fantastic Spa's. Here are a few of our favourites.

Best Seminyak Spa Venues


Bali has some amazing locations to see, none better than nature's own creation - Waterfalls!

Amazing Bali Waterfalls


Good coffee was once a luxury in the Island of the Gods, now there are plenty of amazing cafes providing delicious coffee so we thought we'd share the best of them with our fans!

BEST coffee spots


Some of the hottest new places in Bali.

Hot New Places in Bali