Small town in south of Bali, very close to the airport largely occupied by luxurious hotels and resorts with great character and feel to it. There is a beautiful beach here from which you can enjoy scenic…

The best coffee spots in Jimbaran1k

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Chocolate Caf Jimbaran


Located at Jimbaran Corner Shopping Center. Chocolate cafe offers a delectable feast for both your savory and sweet pallets. Whether it's pastries, sweets, a heavenly…See more

Grocer & Grind Jimbaran


No 2 in our brand, nestled in the green lushness of Jimbaran just before the beach, it beats to its own drumb from morning to…See more

The Coffee Story Jimbaran


Best coffe in JimbaranSee more


  • Jimbaran

Samasta was developed in a Lifestyle Village concept. This concept represents the influence of Bali??s traditional and tropical atmosphere, filled with the selected tenants to…See more

Lia Cafe


If you want to eat with a beautiful view eat in liacafe located at Jimbaran bay once we provide free transportation betweenSee more

Balique Restaurant


Balique is an original eatery found in the relaxed fishing village of Jimbaran, in stunning southern Bali, now home to outstanding world-class resorts and villas.…See more