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Created for Sabina Fellas; accommodation in Seminyak for wedding 30-40pax


Some of the top end Villas / Resorts in Uluwatu that I love!


Here is a list which includes all the accommodation in Kuta we would recommend for < $100-$200 / night. For more info on anything to do with Bali please email me at


beach bars and nightlife


Some of these are better than others, but all are unreal. You should check them out!


Things to do when you get thrown a few rainy days in Bali


Uluwatu - a comprehensive collection of everything you need to do, see and experience when in Uluwatu


My lists of the best restaurants in Bali


Created for Sidney wanting accom Kuta, Seminyak Canggu ,Ubud ,Uluwatu

We plan to be in Seminyak from the 5th, checking out on the 11th of September.


The best luxury hotels in Bali are for those who desire the best, and need more than the traditional offerings of a hotel. Bali is home to among the best luxury hotels and most luxurious resorts in the world. But where should you stay to enjoy the be