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Some amazing lunch spots to check out in Seminyak


You need to give these restaurants a go. Middle of the range in price and a really good feed.


Adopted the wholefood lifestyle and not interested in sliding? Seminyak has it's share of goodness. It's not all in the 'guu you know!


Great cocktails can be hard to find, so heres the list for you where the islands top bartenders serve their signature drink


try these itineraries to satisfy your romantic journey in Paradise Island


Some resorts with outstanding kids clubs and perfect for a family getaway!


Some suggestions for those getting down to Canggu, here are a few things i reckon you need to checkout!


Some amazing places i experienced during my June / July 2016 trip!


Shops I like and want to Try


With beautiful long, white sand beaches, and the warm hospitality that the Balinese people are known for, it’s obvious why everyone would like a vacation in Bali.In Bali it’s completely possible to find cheap accommodation.


Various waterfalls around Bali