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Our favorite breakie/brunch spots in Canggu


There's a lot of amazing food in Bali and here are some of our favourite Warungs in Bali!


Created for Hege Karin Zeiner Day Trip options for snorkelling or sailing tour


Adopted the wholefood lifestyle and not interested in sliding? Seminyak has it's share of goodness. It's not all in the 'guu you know!


Open early enough for a on-time bedtime, serving up family friendly food with service that will make your kids feel welcome and save you stressing…


With 7 of the finest spas we’ve found offering top notch services under $40 – don’t forget to bring your loved ones along to enjoy a moment of peace and utmost bliss.


The most beautiful places to say 'I do' by the sea


Where the drinks are flowing and the tunes are humming!


A great list of activities to do with kids. Recommended for families.


A list of some of the venues and villas in Bali that just look cool.


Day trips that can be done within 3/4 hours...easy and relaxing


Bali is a hub for health and wellness. Yoga in Bali is world renowned, for the world class institutions we have here as well as the alignment of yoga's philosophy with everyday life for the locals.