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Where the drinks are flowing and the tunes are humming!


Places to tame man bun's, have close shaves and trim loose nose hair


In comparison to busy towns of Kuta and Seminyak nearby Canggu seems almost deserted and is more a residential area to go for walks on the beach, enjoy sunsets or surf.


places to eat and drink


Some of the top end Villas / Resorts in Uluwatu that I love!


With 7 of the finest spas we’ve found offering top notch services under $40 – don’t forget to bring your loved ones along to enjoy a moment of peace and utmost bliss.


New places to check out next trip


Here is a list which includes all the accommodation in Kuta we would recommend for < $100-$200 / night. For more info on anything to do with Bali please email me at


Created for Fiona Hensley ; gift voucher for honeymoon


Looking for sport bar to watch your favorite games with great crowds in Bali? Check these out!


Created for Mitch Crawford. Wanting 1 Bedroom suggestions in the Seminyak Area for around $300 / night.


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