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Selections for gluten-free diets in Bali, from dedicated menus to restaurants who know how to create delicious dishes for you by simply asking for their GF menus.


Great cocktails can be hard to find, so heres the list for you where the islands top bartenders serve their signature drink

this was our favourite cafe in 2014. the kids called it the tree house


Some of my favourite Jimbaran properties including high end luxury to budget and anything in between - if it is great value for money it's in this list!


Unfortunately, these are classy spas and wont rub and tug you Wally.


Have you ever dreamed about staying in your own private villa in Bali but thought you couldn’t afford it? Are you looking for a great family, group or couple holiday in Bali and want to stay in a villa without breaking the bank? Are you after really affordable, yet private and luxurious villa accommodation in Bali that you will remember for the rest of your life?


A great list of activities to do with kids. Recommended for families.


Some of these are better than others, but all are unreal. You should check them out!


Places to see before I die in Bali !


Places to tame man bun's, have close shaves and trim loose nose hair