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Our favorite breakie/brunch spots in Canggu


Nusa Lembongan - a comprehensive collection of everything you need to do, see and experience when in Nusa Lembongan


A list of ‘bucketlist’ worthy places I want to experience or visit in Bali!


Known as The Island of the Gods, Bali is Indonesia’s most popular tourist destination. Once a secret of surfers, Bali has now become one of the world’s biggest tourism hubs.


If you're looking for a halal restaurant, you'll be spoilt for choice in Bali. Many Bali restaurants serve halal food, and some offer a strictly halal menu. Here are the best halal restaurants in Bali!


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Variety options for cooking classes in Bali


If you're heading to Seminyak, here is a short list of the must experience cafes to get you started.


It's no secret,the Espresso Martini is the drink of the year. Here's a list of the best places in town for your fix!


Holding an event for wedding, bachelor/bachelorette, or retreats in Bali? No-Stress! We got it covered. Check out the list of recommended catering companies in Bali.


Here’s our guide to amazing restaurants in Bali that offer delicious gluten-free dishes that will make staying in Bali (forever?!) no issue at all.

Sanur has some fantastic Spa's. Here are a few of our favourites.


"It's about time" i hear you saying. Scratching our heads on where to go Bali quickly popped to the top of list. With fantastic reviews from friends and family. Lets see how we go!


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What better way to cool down on a hot Bali afternoon than with a gelato


Healthy spots for breakfast or lunch


The ultimate shopping guide for Clothes, Furniture, Homewares, Art and more!