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Some of the best cafes in Bali with delicious, healthy meals and great coffee... regularly updated it showcases some of the best cafes on the Island of the Gods.


Welcome to our pick of the best new bars in Bali right now: a regularly-updated list of our favourites!


Hand picked best venues to hold your Christmas Lunch and Dinner with your family and friends.


Every so often the lads need to sneak off and hang out at a relaxing bar for a few pints and to kick back and watch the footy, the league, or a round of pool. Here are some of our favourite places for the LADS to just... hang out.


Everyone knows it's the more the merrier.... Here are our top picks for 5 bedroom + villas for families, friends, couples and parties!


Here's a glimpse of the Bali that we know. Since first coming here as a small children in 1982 we fell in love with the essence of Bali. Sure, new modern western restaurants are nice, but nothing compares to the sights and smells of traditional Bali.


In Bali, this aromatic chile and garlic stuffed duck are wrapped in coconut tree bark and steamed. It bakes beautifully rubbed in coconut oil and covered in aluminium foil and is to be 'dined on' not just eaten. A rare treat to be savoured and enjoyed!


Some of our favourite restaurants near Villa Saba 10.


For more info on anything to do with Bali please email me at


For more info on anything to do with Bali please email me at


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Seminyak's countless fashion boutiques, homeware stores and flea markets will have you trawling it's streets for hours on end. Check out or recommendations for places…