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Our favourite spots in Bali, and where you can regularly find the Bondi Lifeguards hanging out!




Shop the best round-up natural and organic beauty products that are as good for the planet as they are your skin


Sushi - it's one of the best foods to eat on the go, and here are our recommendations for the best sushi in Bali!


We just felt we needed to share these properties... as the most breathtaking accommodation in Bali


Bali is a hub for health and wellness. Yoga in Bali is world renowned, for the world class institutions we have here as well as the alignment of yoga's philosophy with everyday life for the locals.


As a tropical island, Bali best known as its sunshine and sea. Having fun with the waves and lay down by the beach is the best time of holiday that everyone been dreaming of. As fun as it may sound, you might want to refresh yourself with the island best choices of cold drinks and dessert. Here is the list to help you refresh.


A list of some of the venues and villas in Bali that just look cool.


Some great suggestion on the best workshops in and around Bali.


Bali is such a magical location, and the perfect location for you to whisk away the happiest days of your life with your recent wife or husband on a tropical island paradise! - See more at:


A forever favourite, Italian food is great for any occasion


With so much on offer, here are some of the BEST Wedding Villas in Bali!


Whilst you're in Bali, spend the time to enjoy the unique traditional ceremonies below. Let's look at the ceremony what you should not be missed


Smoothie bowls are the perfect snack to cool down with when in Bali. Healthy and delicious!