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We have come up with a list of the most romantic and unusual restaurants where you can dine at on Feb 14, at the very affordable prices of less than USD $25 per pax (USD $50 for two)!


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As a tropical island, Bali best known as its sunshine and sea. Having fun with the waves and lay down by the beach is the best time of holiday that everyone been dreaming of. As fun as it may sound, you might want to refresh yourself with the island best choices of cold drinks and dessert. Here is the list to help you refresh.


The popular vegetarian restaurants / cafe in canggu where you can find mouth watering food for perfect brunch time !


What makes Bali’s luxury beach resorts so alluring? Is it the impeccable service, the world-class architectural design, or the elegant rooms with beds fit for royalty and fancy pants bathroom amenities? If you wouldn’t mind kicking back celebrity style in an extravagant 5 star resort pool, but don’t have the budget or the burning desire to actually stay in such exclusive digs – well, you’re in luck - here are some of the luxurious resort pools you can access via a day pass!


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Here is a list which includes all the villas in uluwatu for for $100-$250 / night For more info on anything to do with Bali please email me at


Created for Jee looking for Villa Complex in Seminyak accommodate up to 30 people (2 -5 Dec 2016)


Smoothie bowls are the perfect snack to cool down with when in Bali. Healthy and delicious!


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