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All day ocean views with dining and drinking options to match. Sometimes you just need that view. Our favourites have the food and service to match


Created for A-manda Jane requesting info for Java, Jakarta and Kalimantan Tours


Here is a list which includes all the villas in Uluwatu we would recommend for $300 - $500 / night. For more info on anything to do with Bali please email me at


I've been to plenty of places in Bali, but here are a few I'm going to next!


If you're not the 'beach wedding' kind of couple, Ubud has some fantastic options amongst the natural greenery. Ubud also has a vivid food scene for the 'foodie' couple


Good value, hip places to eat down-right delicious food. yum!


Im gonne be there with my bestfriend so wish us luck!

This amazing place is NOT in Singaraja but halfway between there and Amed, nestled on the beachfront in an idyllic location and already a Certificate of Excellence in their second year. An absolute must if you want a real Balinese experience.