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Surf spots on the BUKIT PENINSULA

Indonesia is home to some of the best and most consistent surf on the planet. Blessed with a diverse selection of waves from sand bottom beach breaks to gnarly shallow reef breaks, and everything in between, Indonesia offers surfers that perfect wave filled escape, suited to all abilities and budgets. Looking to book a trip suited to your budget and ability? Don’t know whether to jump on a Boat or chillax at a land camp? Here at The Bali Bible we have teamed up with some of the best operators in the region to help our fans and followers navigate the archipelago and score perfect warm water waves.

Padang Padang Uluwatu, Jimbaran…
Location :Uluwatu
This beach is accessible down a few flights of steps and through a limestone crevice beside a bridge. Across the road before the bridge, there is a spacious… See more...
Bingin Beach
Location :Bingin
Bingin beach is located on the Bukit which means "hill" in Indonesian, and one of the area's main attractions is elevation. On its west coast, white limestone… See more...
Dreamland Beach Pecatu, Jimbaran…
Location :Pecatu
Not quite a secret beach anymore but still slightly ???hidden??? due to its far-flung location, Dreamland, Balangan???s ???next door neighbour???, remains… See more...
Nyang-nyang Beach
Location :Uluwatu
For those who love surfing, Uluwatu is one of Bali???s most popular places to conquer the waves. It is also blessed with breathtaking cliffs and beach… See more...
Green Bowl ( Unggasan South Bali…
Location :Bali
Despite the cease in operations of the Bali Cliff Resort, this hidden gem on the southern coast of Bali beside the hotel site continues to appeal to lovers… See more...
Impossible Beach Bali - Uluwatu…
Location :Uluwatu
Impossible Beach is a beautiful rocky beach with the great waves that is suitable for surfing adventures especially for those who has been pro-surfers… See more...
Suluban (Blue Point) Beach,
Location :Uluwatu
Suluban Beach is a beautiful coral beach located at Uluwatu south part of Bali featured by great waves and appointed as surf Spots See more...

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