Small town in south of Bali, very close to the airport largely occupied by luxurious hotels and resorts with great character and feel to it. There is a beautiful beach here from which you can enjoy scenic…

Ultimate Things to Do in Jimbaran6k

The must to-do list

Tegal Wangi Beach extraordinary places


When you visit Tegal Wangi Beach, you can do many activities there, But, fishing will be an interesting activity since the sea has numerous species…See more

Paintball at Jimbaran Hill Activity Village


Team will be divided in two groups with composition 1 versus 1 person or 2 versus 2 persons or 3 versus 3 persons or 4…See more

Perfume Workshop in Jimbaran


Musky, sweet, floral, or woody, everyone has a fragrance that hits all the right notes for them. But ever wondered how - or even where…See more

Tailor-made Perfume Workshop in Jimbaran

  • Jimbaran

If there's anything about people and perfumes you should know, it's that everyone has different tastes and preferences. And if you've found your favourite type…See more

Perfume Workshop for Children in Jimbaran

  • Jimbaran

In this day and age most kids are enrolled in some sort of class - piano, guitar, martial art classes or even educational enrichment ones.…See more

Culinary Adventure of Jimbaran with Bali Food Safari


Embark on "The Quintessential Culinary Adventure" :Be enchanted as your guides take you on a mystery progressive style dining adventure, sampling signature dishes from spectacular…See more

Intimate Torches Romantic Dinner At Jimbaran Beach

  • Jimbaran

Sit in absolute tranquillity, as you and your loved one enjoy the seaview, while dining al fresco. Bask under the moonlit night sky, and chow…See more

Pergola Romantic Dinner At Jimbaran Beach


Treat that special someone in your life with the love and care they deserve, with this serenading offer. Seated amidst nature as testament to the…See more

Candlelight Romantic Dinner In Jimbaran


This Candle Light Romantic Dinner is served in a Bali luxurious villa alighted with dozens of candles and surrounded by a umbul umbul decorations: Balinese…See more

Extravaganza Romantic Dinner in Jimbaran


The Extravaganza Dinner is served in a Bali luxurious villa alighted with dozens of candles and surrounded by a umbul umbul decorations: Balinese flags, umbrellas,…See more

Pesta Lobster Romantic Dinner in Jimbaran


A private jetty for a Romantic dinner? Yes, you are not dreaming it is within your reach! Only a few clicks to book are between…See more

Asmara Romantic Dinner In Jimbaran


As planes journey in and out of view in the distant star-lit sky, your own journey of love will commence under the canopy of an…See more

Dining Romance In Jimbaran


Cherish an intimate dinner for two in a beautiful setting with this new Romantic Dining Experience. Bring back those first-date butterflies of excitement to celebrate…See more

Balinese Rijsttafel In Jimbaran


Enjoy a traditional Indonesian cuisine served in the traditional way with this Rijsttafel experience, the Indonesian style of sharing a meal with friends or family.…See more

Feast on Fresh Seafood at Jimbaran Bay on the beach


Eat the freshest of grilled seafood in Bali with a beautiful sunset view to match. Menega Cafe is definitely one of the best fresh Seafood…See more


  • Jimbaran

Samasta was developed in a Lifestyle Village concept. This concept represents the influence of Bali??s traditional and tropical atmosphere, filled with the selected tenants to…See more

Sunset @ Rock Bar Bali, AYANA Resort


The Rock Bar is located along the 1.3 kilometer coastline of AYANA Resort and Spa Bali, a 77-hectare property that features 78 private luxury villas…See more

Kampoeng Bali


Experience Balis yesteryear with a culinary journey at Kampoeng Bali, RIMBAs distinctive Balinese cultural performance restaurant. Specially designed to welcome you into the warm embrace…See more

Unique Rooftop Bar


A contemporary pool club by day and spectacular sunset spot for stylish cocktails and authentic Mexican dining by night, UNIQUE Rooftop Bar and Restaurant features…See more

Black Pearl Jimbaran Bay


Good times - sunsets, friends, beers... The original pirate ship sunset cruise in Bali!See more