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Bali,Peace,Love & Nasi Goreng

Who doesn't love the island of the gods. How blessed we ar to literally have Bali on our doorstep. " It's a little ironic don't ya think" (as once quoted by Alanis Morisette) that for me being a Perth girl it is actually a better deal to nab a return ticket to Bali( when prices are released to tease)???? Add on accomodation and scoot on over to the island of the gods than what it is to travel 3/4 hours down south for the weekend....hmmmmmm go figure. Bali doesn't just get into your blood it reaches the soul and sets up residency. It's probably true to say it's not any one element that makes Bali such an appealing place to visit, or for many "home away from home". It's the rugged coastlines, sensational sunset and usually teamed with a Bintang or frozen margarita - makes this scene idealic. Maybe it's the homewares, insanely tempting boutiques, or could it be the daily $7 1 hour whole bode massages to balance and retune the body. Is the incredible teasing of the tastebuds of the many restaurants, cafes and warungs scattered all over the island and a pleasure to discover. I'm a tad partial to seeking out a day pass at a beach club and settling back on a daybeds taking in the sights of the ocean, spoilt with an infinity pool, lunching on whatever decides to satisfy my hunger and O did I mention frozen margaritas. Maybe it's the stalls, the markets, " who doesn't like the familiar sound of "morning price morning price" it's music to ones ears". The programmed mindset of seeking out that "much needed bargain" and squabbling over the final price of a mere 50 cents. It's the thrill of negotiation, it's the thrill of. Successful shopping adventure. A clear mindset of kindness and respect will leave both the buyer and the vendor exchanging a handshake and wishing a good prosperous day ???? Ubud has a magical spell over me. It's my place of peace. It's my place of wholeness. It's my place of togetherness. Somehow each visit to Ubud always realigns me into being the best version of me. It's bit like a car service. I have come to the conclusion one needn't spend hard earned cash on a carefree therapist pretending to care for your worries no woes. My advice would be nab that airfare pack that bag and head for the shores of Bali. Dig out the tho thongs, slap on some sunscreen be armed with o did I say " margarita" soak up the rays, indulge in a sunset, appreciate the life of the Balinese,absorb their daily activity, get to know the culture, tease the tastebuds and slip into dreaming a little. I promise you it's the best therapy for the head, heart, mind, body and soul. It will rejuvenate, revitalise and realign. Become mindful of oneself and that of others. This is Bali, this is the magic that gets into your soul. This is the euphoria I call my "Bali addiction" NAMASTE

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