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Minu Saddul

Wel it's finally come to the time in my life where it's all about me! Grown up kids that don't need me so much has given me the time to think about travelling and volunteering. My first volunteer trip is to Borneo to work with the Great Projects Oranguatans. July2nd 2017! Gives me time to save ! And while we,husband ! We wanted to visit Bali..Dilemma where! So many places to choose from but one thing for sure is we don't want the party party islands! After 7 days doe hard work we need rest and a little travel ! I have lived in the Niddle East Saudi Arabia,husbands Job took us there. An experience for sure and after 9yrs it was time to leave. Made amazing friends from all walks of life and still keep in touch. The children experienced desert camp outs under the stars with Bedouins,, Christmas in the dessert and just a fabulous childhood.. So here we are, here I am wanting to experience so many things things..My Bucket List..the beginning of a new chapter in my life????

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