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Jetstar Magazine is fun, friendly and, above all, inspirational. It’s designed for young travel addicts and adventurous families who like to explore the world in immersive, less touristy ways. New food, culture, attractions, experiences, hotels, resorts and retail therapy all feature within the magazine’s pages, as do adrenaline-pumping, destination-specific activities such as skiing in Japan, cycling in Vietnam and bungee-jumping in Cairns.

Ji Restaurant Bali Japanese Fusion, Fine Wines and Sake Bar

JI at Bale Sutra is the only restaurant that is housed in an original ancient Kang Xi period temple from 1706. This 310-years-old Kang XI period temple was brought by Chinese immigrants to Bali a long time ago, was saved from near-demolition by the Tugu Hotels & Restaurants owner, and was transported and reconstructed in its entirety at Hotel Tugu Bali. Ji (in Japanese - ? ‘temple’) stands as a monument of the fusion of cultures – the Chinese and the Japanese ones. For nearly 2000 years, there has existed a strong connection between the Chinese and Japanese cultures. As the older one of the two civilizations, the Chinese culture had an enormous impact on nearly all aspects of life in Japan. The influences of that connection are still seen today – from the language, religion and arts to the cuisine. In this majestic temple, one can find artefacts from past centuries including a delicate 18th century Goddess of Mercy, beautiful carvings and details of mythological creatures all over the roofs and ceilings, as well as heritage pieces of the grandiose lives of barons and Balinese sovereigns from past centuries. Coloring the red walls are black and white oversized paintings of Balinese monarch rulers as well as Chinese ancient scroll paintings, symbolizing the warm welcome received by the Chinese immigrants from the Balinese kings. The bar at the front is a unique collection of fine Japanese sakes exclusively offered at Ji; fine wines from all over the world and contemporary Asian-inspired cocktails with homemade infused liqours. You can also take our beautiful wines to go simply at retail price. If you are more of a beer drinker, make sure you do not miss the rare Japanese beers we carry. The interior of this wine and sake area surrounds the theme of KABUKI, with Japanese lanterns, partitions, old poetry carved on wooden panels, very heavy and large lion statues carved from one whole rock as well as other Japanese mythological creatures. The cuisine at JI is inspired by centuries old cooking tradition from Japan, with slight influences from other East-Asian cuisines in a delicate fusion of flavors. It features some of the finest art of sushi in the island. To enter JI, you can choose from 3 different gateways: 1) the low Gate of Heaven, where one has to bend down while entering to show respect to the Gods 2) Gate of Hell, a 4 meter-tall door with a pair of mythological guards directly from the street 3) Gate of Love, where you will front the 18th century statue of the Goddess of Love Mercy, Dewi Gwan Yin upon entering. From these 3 gates you can also continue to the upper floor oceanview lounge where a most magical view opens up to 180 degrees of Canggu Beach and the sunset over the Indian Ocean. Here, one can sip cocktails and watch the surf all day, in a setting of mystical, exotic and cultural Asia.

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