7 Steps to Awesome Photographs

where:Dojo Bali

when:Wed Oct 12th 2016 at 05:00 AM Until Wed Oct 12th 2016 06:00 AM

Everyone has a camera in their pocket. Most of us can capture a good image. Yet, few can edit that image to unveil it’s full, sparkling potential. In this participatory Photoshop Workshop, we touch upon the 7 key post-processing steps commonly applied in the photography/film industry to ready raw images for publication. It’ll be short, simple and sweet. You’ll grasp the basic fundamentals of photographic un-shitness. Your Instagram will become more awesomer and perhaps the most awesomest.


1. have Photoshop CC (or free trial) installed and ready to roll
2. download the 2 source files from here

What you will learn:

- basic understanding of Photoshop
- how to quickly improve your raw camera images
- to be nice to the nervous speaker

About the Jamie:

I’m Jamie from sunny England. I often have a camera in my hand. I’ve lived on the road and hopped about for the past 13 years, chasing down good stories and sometimes making them. I’m a Film-maker and Producer. Mostly Outdoors/Adventure themed. I like mountains. I also like making stuff out of wood.

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