The Sayan House


In Bali?Island Of The Gods?our couple were drawn to a certain spot in the area rich in history called Sayan. They decided to build a beautiful home there where they could entertain guests with cuisine influenced by an elaborate variety of spices and flavours from around the globe. Each night, they hosted neighbours and world-wide travellers, making everyone feel equally at home and constantly experimenting, adjusting, perfecting their recipes with the input of the discriminating tastes of their guests. Our couple may have long since moved on to other adventures, but their house remains open to all new friends and family in search of a peak global dining experience inspired by local Balinese taste and culture. Their promise that their house would not be merely their own home, but also home to travellers and locals alike is as true today as it was in their day. Welcome to The Sayan House! Here, we offer you the finest selection of home-style contemporary Asian cuisine and old-time favourites, as well as unique new blends and varieties of foods and beverages which would make our couple proud. You are home.

Address : Jalan Raya Sayan No. 70, Sayan, Ubud, Kabupaten Gianyar, Bali, Indonesia
Phone :  (0361) 4792592