Short Elephant Back Riding In Ubud


This is the perfect tour for adventure seekers, looking for something more than the typical tourist experience. On this tour, you'll get up close with Sumatran elephants, the largest of its kind, famous for its intelligence and sensitive nature. Your Bali elephant adventure begins at a 100-year old kandang kerbau (Sumatran buffalo house), where you shall board the magnificent creature. Once you?re comfortably seated, a mahout shall lead you through a scenic pathway, winding through parts of the zoo leading to the park where these elephants sleep and bathe.Your tour continues towards the wilderness, as you cross the Wos River with a natural waterfall and grassy valley greeting you. At Bale Bengong you?ll disembark for a refreshing young coconut drink, after which you?ll trek uphill to the area?s oldest village temple ? which is over five centuries old. Once your ride ends, you?re invited to pet and feed the elephants, before enjoying a lunch at the Okavando Restaurant. By the way, this restaurant is just meters away from the African lion?s den! So get those cameras ready as you trek the lovely Bali Zoo.Includes: - Elephant ride (15mins) - Zoo admission - Animal encounter - Hand feed the elephants - Souvenir - Insurance.*Hotel transfer is excluded.

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