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You might have heard of the MoonRocks Family, Seen a MoonRocks Conference, or someone told you about MoonRocks (The one we love the best), You may have seen our message Vive Diferente (Live Different) and wonder? 'What makes MoonRocks different to all the other clothing brands? Let us tell you. #1 WE WANT TO PROVE A THEORY. MoonRocks was born in 2001 after a year-long journey around Australia and Indonesia. Our founder (Alian Arrechea Recadle) was trekking round Australia an another epic #adventure from his home of San Sebastian, Basque Country. He was enjoying living what can only be described as a dream life. Free of the routine, rules, competition, and constant pressure. He had a thought - What if it was possible for everyone to live like this - vive diferente After much planning and thought, Alain decided to continue to live his dream and not only that, build his own business, share and inspire others to live their dreams too. So over the years Alain has built a little clothing brand called MoonRocks. And with many years development, enthusiastic positive energy. Alian has brought together many people with the same passion for living different #vivediferente. Now you can buy MoonRocks great quality ans style clothing in nearly every place in the world adventure can found. The MoonRocks family has grown as well - we have brothers and sisters all over the world and even a little MoonRocks prince named Koa (Pictured in this photo above with his hero dad Alian). #2 WE WANT TO SHARE IT MoonRocks has to make a profit to survive, but we also want to share. For us - sharing is like a flavour enhancer to life, its just makes everything better. MoonRocks has many goals but making huge profits at yours, or the living standards of our production staff, is NOT one of them. We want to always be affordable, and ALWAYS your favourite 'go to' t-shirt in your wardrobe. But the really great thing is what we do with your support - we give it back. To you, and the less fortunate people than ourselves, a cool group of guys we call the MoonRocks Indonesian Surf Team people we have found living their dreams too - vive diferente.

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  • Jl. Raya Taman, Seminyak, Kuta, Kabupaten Badung, Bali, Indonesia
  • 0818-354-717
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