Ippolito Specialty Coffee


Ippolito Specialty Coffee is a micro-roastery based in Bali and Jakarta, Indonesia. We specialize in meticulously roasting specialty coffee in such a way that brings out the best flavour and characteristics from the coffee beans. We source our beans from all around the world with a particular focus on estate, micro-lot and single origin coffees. At boutique size, we are proud to be able to exercise unique roasting methods. We painstakingly cup, taste and tweak constantly to reflect and express the beans well. Our baristas are well trained and practice various brewing techniques to bring the best out of our coffees. We ultimately believe that Indonesia should be a country that is known for also serving great coffee, on top of producing them. Therefore, Ippolito also works with other cafes, restaurants and resorts to create proprietary blends in our continued efforts to bring specialty coffee to Indonesia.

Address : Jalan Lebak Sari 7. Petitenget, Seminyak, Denpasar, Bali, Indonesia 80119
Phone :  62361739090