Elephant Expedition

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Our resident herd of Sumatran elephants hails from Palembang, Sumatra. These remarkable creatures are the largest land animals and are amongst the world?s most intelligent species with brains very similar to humans. Besides being highly cognitive animals with exceptional appetites (they consume up to 250 kg of food daily), elephants are also very emotional beings that are able to communicate with each other using infrasonic sound waves inaudible to our ears and are known to mimic, use tools, paint, problem solve and even help other species in distress.Your trip through one of the best new elephant trails in Bali begins at our 100-year old traditional Sumatran buffalo house (kandang kerbau) that also serves as our comfortable boarding area.From a comfortable bench seat perched atop one of our Sumatran elephants you?ll be driven by one of our experienced mahouts through a scenic pathway that winds through parts of the zoo then outside the park where you can see where our elephants sleep and bathe.Your journey continues through the nearby wilderness as you cross the Wos River on elephant back and then visit a natural waterfall and grassy valley. At our Bale Bengong pit stop along the way you may disembark for a refreshing young coconut drink and short trek up a hill to visit the area?s oldest village temple in the area that dates back over five centuries. After your ride is over we invite you to hand feed and pet our amazing elephants and then enjoy lunch at our Wana Restaurant where you?ll sit only meters from our African lion den. Zoo Explorer and Animal Encounter Sessions also included.Tour includes: * Elephant ride (75mins including crossing natural river + Trekking),* Zoo admission, * Lunch or afternoon high tea,* Animal encounter, * Hand feed the elephant, * Souvenir, * Insurance.Hotel transfer not included.

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