Bingin Beach


Bingin is a stunning beach with unrivalled views over the Indian Ocean and the great wave that make it one of the most demanded surfing points by surfers in Bali and the world. The five star wave here is big, powerful and challenging. It has been able to stimulate and fascinate the adrenaline of every surfer, and especially the experienced and professional surfers. Although a small distance away from the parking area, it???s never been easier to walk down to the beach with an access that keeps getting better. The perfect, mechanical barrel of Bingin sits at the bottom of Impossibles. The word ???perfect??? best describes the long barrel that is Bingin. Its reputation as a mechanical left handed barrel draws crowds from all over the island. Grab a seat in one of the many warungs overlooking the break and wait for your window to pounce during a lull in the crowd.

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Phone :  62818356387