Basics of Kite Surfing - 2 Hours Lesson

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This introductory course is designed to familiarize first time kiters or those who have had a break; with all the equipment needed, complete kite set-up & handling methods including understanding safety the systems. Essential knowledge of wind patterns and water conditions, then kite flying! The course consists of 1.5 hours of instruction all on the grass & beach at the waters edge, understand the 'wind window' & kite flying dymanics, fly a 2-line trainer kite and finish by wearing the seat harness hooked into & flying a 4 line bow kite completing a beach launch and landing all under the safe control of your instructor. "Thumbs Up" means ready to launch, remember this for the rest of your life.We recommend all our Level 1 kiters continue practicing with the trainer 2 line kites as much as they want after their lesson & check out our instructional video in the classroom all free of charge.*Contact for packages bringing you through different levels of Kite Surfing.*Note that the best and most reliable Kite surfing season in Bali is from June to September

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