Born under a wandering star, 7shores is about travelling the seven shores of the seven seas in search of waves, about being lost from care in your own slice of surfing heaven. Over the past decade, 7shores has naturally evolved. The desire to modernize and commercialize 7shores, has led to a rebranding and rejuvenation of the brand. With a new logo, the brand is projected into the mainstream boutique surf/ street market, with more thought-of and up-to-date designs. With a new moto ?we are the dreamers of all dreams?, 7Shores brings together loving individuals with a shared dream of creating a livelihood out of their passion. 7Shores is a brand based on lifestyle- for those people that revolve their lives around having a good time, for those free thinkers that will base their life around their passion, indifferent to conventions.

Address : No., Jl. Kunti I No.2, Kuta, Kabupaten Badung, Bali, Indonesia
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